How We Got Started 

I guess it all started back around 1993 when I first got a taste of the London graffiti scene and developed my thirst for getting my name out there in any way I could. The original Hart of London logo was created in 2008 in a jewellery workshop in London's Hatton Garden. At this point it was a simple one of a kind heart shaped pendant. I decided to get the heart cast and made a few items of jewellery and some sterling silver key rings. This was also the year I released a t-shirt design with the heart logo on, establishing it as my logo. I continued to work in the jewellery industry, designing jewellery worn and owned by celebrities. In 2013 I started  to use the heart logo now known as the 'Hart heart' on street art projects. At this point I decided to change my graffiti alias to Hart of London as I decided that I wanted to do so much more as a designer. Before then I was going by my name Frank Hunt for all of my jewellery designs, I had my graffiti alias and then wanted to get back into the clothing so it made sense to use just the one name. Realising the hart heart was to feminine for the guys, I worked on a new logo. 2016 and the H logo was born. 2017 and here we are. The thirst for getting my name out there is stronger than every. My quest to make this one of the most recognised H logo's in the world, while designing quality garments and luxury jewellery for you all.

Thank you for your time and welcome to my web store.

Frank Hunt -
Hart of London